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Are you considering renovating or selling your  property. A Distribution Board (DB) upgrade can significantly increase the electrical safety of your property as well as increase the value if you are looking at selling your property. Our DB upgrades come with all the relevant CoC certification and meets the SANS 10142-1 electrical wiring regulations.

What is a distribuion board

A distribution board is a part of an electrical system that takes electricity from a main source and feeds it through one or more circuits to distribute the electricity throughout a home or facility.

What's involved with a DB upgrade

Before the upgrade is done, the current DB is thoroughly checked by a registered electrician and this is typically done by undertaking a visual inspection followed by a CoC test condition report.

After the checks have been completed, you will be notified if your current DB is safe or if an upgrade is required. If it is deemed unsafe the electricin will notify you of the issues and recommend ways to rectify them.


The steps involved in a consumer unit upgrade include:

  • Determining the current condition of the DB by undertaking a detailed inspection.
  • Isolation of the power supply to make it safe to remove the existing installation.
  • Installation of the new DB unit.
  • Checking the connections throughout the house.
  • Re-energising the DB and carrying out a final test.
  • Issuing a certificate of compliance.