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Wind power generation is power generation that converts wind energy into electric energy. While solar energy is generally the go-to option, wind power is a feasible solution for those living in areas with reliable wind speeds. A typical modern turbine will start to generate electricity when wind speeds reach approximately 10 km per hour, known as the cut-in speed.

The average hourly wind speed in Johannesburg for example ranges between 10 and 13 km per hour.

Wind turbines are a great addition to your solar panel array as they can obviously generate power at night and on overcast rainy days when your solar production is low or non-existent.

We have a range of turbines to select from, from the robust 400W series right up to the 20KW series.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Wind Turbine to supplement your power requirements:

  • If you are living in a Town or City – Check with your local city council first before installing a turbine to make sure they allow them in your area.
  • Check you existing solar system – Check the size; type and voltage of your battery system, to make sure it’ll match the voltage produced by the turbine you are interested in. Most of the time the wind controller can be ordered to match your existing system voltage.
  • Where to put your new turbine? – Do you have the free air space to put up a turbine without it being in turbulent air?   i.e. 6 meters up and above and trees and buildings and ideally 100M away from any structure, so as to get clean laminar airflow and peak performance.
  • Know the average wind speed in your area If you are in a low wind speed area, you may need a five-blade turbine.


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