Solar Energy with No Upfront Costs

Solar Power System for your residential or townhouse complex with no upfront costs.

Install a solar power system in your residential complex with ZERO CAPEX investment and generate cheaper electricity. If your residential complex has 50 units or more you will qualify for a solar power system that will be installed, operated and maintained by Scope Solar. There will be no capital outlay required by the complex. Scope Solar (together with our finance partner) will finance the all equipment, installation, operation and maintenance. All we require from the complex is roof space and body corporate approval

For a monthly fee that is cheaper than the municipal electricity rate , we will install a solar power system on a common area (like roofing). Because we are cheaper than your municipality, your body corporate saves money by paying less on monthly electricity costs.

  • Get your residential complex onto solar, with no upfront investment.
  • Save up to 25% on electricity costs for your body corporate.
  • Become less reliant on grid electricity.
  • Get cleaner energy without paying for solar panels.


Fully paid-for, maintained and insured solar system that is monitored 24/7

Monitoring Services
We provide regular electricity consumption and solar performance reporting to all our customers. Report having a third party on electricity usage at your complex is handy and helps measure and control electricity costs.

Scheduled Maintenance
We regularly maintain our solar assets, ensuring we deliver on energy savings for our customers.

We take out comprehensive insurance on all our solar assets, making sure that our customers are protected against any unforeseen events. Our systems are insured for hail and lightning damage.

Our monthly service fee includes insurance, monitoring and complete system maintenance. There’s no hidden costs. Making your savings a sure thing.

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